Dr. K Premium Baby Wipes will clean and soothe your baby's skin without exposing your baby to potentially harmful chemicals.

What Makes Our Baby Wipes Better Than Other Brands ?

Most leading baby wipe brands have chemicals with
moderate hazard or high hazard.
All of Dr. K ingredients are ranked GREEN!

Baby Wipes Comparison

Environmental Working Group (EWG) developed a hazard rating for chemicals as follows:

Hazard Score:

1 – 2 are low hazard. 

3 – 6 are moderate hazard. 

7 – 9 are high hazard. 

Hazard score of ingredients obtained from EWG (www.ewg.org). *Pampers, Huggies, MD MOMs, CVS, EWG are registered trade marks and Dr. K and associates are not affiliated to any of them. For more information about the ingredients please visit the EWG website at www.ewg.org.